What is the Mizer TC-III™?

The TC-III™ (TriCommuter-3) is a state-of-the-art production 3-wheel commuter motorcycle or "trike", designed to provide safe, economical & reliable transportation for the masses.

When will I be able to purchase a TC-III™?

The target date to begin commercial sales of the TC-III™ in the United States is the first calendar quarter in 2014.  However, there will be a limited number of vehicles manufactured in the first production run so the first products will be distributed based on when potential customers register to purchase and the availability of authorized dealers.  MMW is aggressively pursuing authorized dealerships who will provide the necessary sales & service infrastructure.  Interested customers will have the option of going to an existing authorized dealership when the product is available, or ordering online in areas where an authorized dealership has not been established.  MMW will provide support through contracted service organizations until a Dealer is established at a convenient distance from them.


How much will the TC-IIIcost? 

The suggested retail price or MSRP is $12,995 USD for each vehicle.  Actual pricing will be determined by each dealer, as the suggested retail does not include Dealer prep, setup or shipping and handling charges.  It does, however, include most options that may be purchased with the vehicles.  Custom seat, chrome wheels, electronic reverse and dual mechanical parking brake system are included.

4 How can I reserve or purchase a TC-III™ Executive online?

YES! You may reserve and/or purchase your TC-III™ Executive Trike online.  Mizer will make every effort to identify and establish an authorized Dealer in your area.

Mizer Motor Works, Inc. sells through its network of authorized Dealers.  Please use our convenient Dealer locator to find a Dealer near you.  If you can not locate a Dealer near your home, give your local Dealer a call and let them know that you are interested in purchasing a Mizer Motor Works TC-III™ Executive.


Will I need a motorcycle license or motorcycle helmet?

The TriCommuter TC-III™ is considered a motorcycle under federal and State regulations.  However, individual states establish requirements for license and helmet laws.  Please consult your local DMV for requirements. 

Some states, such as California does not require a M-Class license to operate an three-wheel Trike.  Despite what the law states, it is our recommendation that anyone operating a trike should obtain an M1 endorsement, or, at the very least go through the training necessary to learn how to operate the controls of a motorcycle and become proficient with their use.

Mizer Motor Works Inc. and most States, always recommend the use of helmets when operating 2 or 3 wheel cycles.


What is the fuel consumption rating for the the TC-III?

Although a riders fuel consumption is based on several factors, the weight being carried, the driving style of the driver, road conditions, The TC-III™ is designed to travel at speeds exceeding 60 mph at a fuel consumption rate of greater than 50(+) miles/gallon.


What Options are available with the TC-III™?

Current available options are: 

  • Errand Boy Cargo Trailer

  • Tail Box
  • Custom motorcycle Trike cover 

  • TC-III towing trailer hitch  

8 What is the difference between the TC-III™ and Harley or CAM-AN Trikes?

The main difference between the TC-III™ is that the Executive has a "step-through" frame and the driver sits with their legs closer together with nothing between them, and it has an automatic transmission.


9 What is the maximum speed of the TC-III™?
The maximum speed of any vehicle is dependent upon the weight carried as well as the engine size of the vehicle.  The TC-III™ has a maximum speed rating of 70 mph.  However, we recommend a speed not greater than 60 - 65 mph during long periods of operation.